Sazgan Gostar Co., Ltd.

Endorse Company
Patient Care Monitor MFC Sazgan was established in 1993. It is the first company in develop and producing patient care monitor in Iran. At the moment, monitors of Sazgan have been installed in almost 90% of hospitals in Iran and a wide after sales service is taking care of these big numbers of monitors in whole country. Inside Sazgan there are working about 100 persons in different sections such as research and development, production line, quality control, purchase, sales and after sales service. The 3 lines of monitors in Sazgan are SAFIRA series with 22” display, VECTRA series with 17” display and VISTA series with 12” display. All monitors could connect to 64 beds central station named SABA. Beside of monitor, Sazgan produces Pulse Oximeter named Nemoxi 412/512. The hospitals enjoy of two years guarantee for all products of Sazgan in Iran. Sazgan Gostar Co. #40, 15th St., Atlasi St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, Iran +98-21-88792365 [email protected] Downloads: Sazgan.pdf