Satte Spring Co.Ltd

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Satte Spring Co., Ltd. Since 1983, we have continued to provide the precision springs for the wide range of market such as Electronic and Medical equipment. The capability to manufacture a wide range of products is our strongest point. In addition, we have also an advantage in our products that are not only made of difficult-to-process materials such as Tungsten and Titanium with a wire diameter of 0.014mm to 12mm, but we also create a difficult balance between materials and shape. While 4 up to 20 are considered as optimal in D/d (mean diameter / wire diameter) , we have managed in mass manufacturing unique-shaped springs with a minimum and maximum D/d levels of 2.3 up to 75. We are particularly famous for our small springs. The 0.014mm variety is the smallest in the world, using a wire barely visible when threaded into the spring-making machinery. So small they could be confused with a mechanical pencil’s lead, these are integral parts of certain medical devices. We will provide the solution by proposing the variation of springs. We are interested in meeting with manufacturers of catheter, endoscope and pacemaker as well as sales representatives, manufacturer's representatives and distributors.