Safetec of America Inc

Endorse Company

Safetec of America, Inc. was formed and incorporated in 1991. With the leadership of company President/CEO/Chairman of the Board Scott A. Weinstein, and Vice President Peter Weinstein, the Buffalo, New York based company has posted exceptional growth each year while expanding into the global market. Currently, Safetec's team consists of approximately 70 trained personnel, serving in the capacities of manufacturing and production, research and development, administration, marketing, and sales/customer service.Our products are sold both nationally and internationally to employers with infection control concerns about handwashing, surface disinfection, spill control, body fluid clean-up and first aid. Our products also help reduce the risk of cross contamination and help contain the spread of infectious diseases while helping you meet specific recommended guidelines .At Safetec, exemplary quality control procedures, knowledge of EPA and FDA regulatory compliance, and a streamlined production process combine to create a superior product. Our toll-free number provides direct access to our team of technically trained sales personnel, who provide expert advice to end users on product usage, as well as guidance to our distributors. The motto, "work smarter, not harder" inspires our staff to increase efficiency while remaining focused on our customer's individual needs. Most importantly, we welcome our customers' suggestions for improvement of our products, service, and support.