S & S Medcart

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S&S MedCart is a part of the S&S Technology family of companies which is comprised of S&S MedCart, S&S X-Ray, Par Scientific, and InfiMed. From it's beginning in 1947 until today, S&S has been guided by a simple philosophy of making high quality products for the health care industry. That commitment carries through today in our modern ISO certified, manufacturing plant, located in the northwest part of the city of Houston, Texas.From cutting edge design and engineering, through manufacturing, to final assembly and testing, S&S MedCart delivers products from our plant in Houston to patient care facilities all over North America. Our staff brings decades of experience and customer dedication to producing the finest in patient care MedCarts. Because our products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States we can offer not only excellent turn around time for your order, but quick and complete service and support as well