S.I.F.RA. Est S.p.A.

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Company Profile About Us S.I.F.RA. EST S.p.A. is specialized in the production and transformation of Medical Grade PVC as well as other plastic materials addressed to the Pharma as well as Medical Device Industry. In its manufacturing premises, located in Trieste in an area of more than 10.000 m² built in 1988 according to the most stringent GMP and ISO norms, S.I.F.RA. EST S.p.A., under the constant control of its Laboratory (Decree 150 art. 10/250), manufactures the following wide range of products: MEDICAL GRADE SIFLEX® PVC GRANULE (soft) for extrusion as well as injection moulding. MEDICAL GRADE SIFTUBE® PVC AND OTHER PLASTIC TUBES with various (inner and outer) diameters and lengths (coiled and pre-cut). MEDICAL GRADE SIFTUBE® COEXTRUDED PLASTIC TUBES (for example: PVC/PVC; PVC/EVA/PE; PP/EVA; PP/PVC and so on). MEDICAL GRADE SIFLAT® PVC TUBULAR AND FLAT FILMS with various widths and thicknesses. MEDICAL GRADE POLYFLAT® PP (Polypropylene) TUBULAR AND FLAT FILMS with various widths and thicknesses. MEDICAL GRADE SIFLEX PACK® PVC AND POLYFLEX PACK® PP BAGS for infusion and dialysis MEDICAL GRADE SMARTBAG® PVC drainage bags used in CAPD systems. S.I.F.RA. EST S.p.A. has reached a leadership position in the market thanks to its full vertical-integration as well as high technological level that, on one side, allows a thorough production monitoring and, on the other, a cost-structure optimization. The outstanding quality/price ratio along with a constant tendency to technological as well as commercial excellence, make S.I.F.RA. EST S.p.A. the ideal supplier to start a long-lasting business relationship with.