Ryukyu lmmunology Corporation

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Ryukyu Immunology Corp. provides proteins from silkworms There are very few medicines available that have profound effects on viruses, with some viruses not having any reliable vaccinations to begin with. Hence, societal and individual awareness towards preventive measures against infections prove to be of the utmost importance. Needless to say, it is also necessary to seek new medicinal cures, and to promote research and development business for vaccines. With that in view, our company is striving to expand into the diagnostic pharmaceutical business to confront serious infections through the manufacturing of our HIV antigen antibody diagnostic kits. Reemerging infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria that have become prominent issues lately as well as newly emerging infections such as HIV have proven to be issues which cannot be handled by a single country alone due to the transmissible nature of viruses and the limited budget for countermeasures. These issues will need to be tackled with the cooperation among developing and developed countries alike on a global scale. Our company’s endeavor "development of HIV and infection antibodies through genetically modified silkworms" has been adopted in 2013 by the Strategic Product Development and Support Business of the Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation. With this, we will be expanding our development and contracted manufacturing business of antibodies through the use of new technologies that discover antibodies, proteins, etc. from the silkworm's cocoon. In comparison to the conventional means of producing proteins, this new technology allows extraction directly from the cocoon, thereby allowing easy refinement, safe results, reduced costs, and consistency among batches of mass produced proteins. These technologies of ours where we produce from the cocoon are also drawing great attention as they fall out of the target of animal protection which has been a controversial issue in recent years among the EU countries, etc. Based on these technologies, in addition to diagnostic medicines for current coinfections, we will seek to domestically develop kits and antibody reagents, etc. for both domestic and international diagnostic pharmaceutical makers, as well as for research development and clinical diagnostics, and manufacture safe and stable new antibodies and protein products.