RPS Diagnostics Inc.

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RPS Diagnostics RPS Diagnostics is an emerging developer, manufacturer and marketer of rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests. RPS products bridge the gap between current clinical practice and standard of care, helping physicians provide the best possible patient management while acting as good stewards of therapeutic resources. Founded in 2004, RPS’s innovative and patented technology platform facilitates the development of a spectrum of cost-effective tests to support the rapid diagnosis of patients with infectious diseases and inflammatory conditions. RPS tests have high sensitivity and specificity, and can be easily performed by a clinician or their staff without extensive training or additional equipment. RPS has CE mark on a new and innovative product, FebriDx, for which we are seeking qualified distribution partners in Europe. Qualified distributors should have the following characteristics: - An established business in a European country with a well-trained sales force - Experience in selling point-of-care and infectious disease diagnostic products to physicians, pharmacists, and other customers (market-dependent) who utilize point of care tests - Strong marketing support, including the ability to create and execute product launch plans and connect with key thought leaders in target markets FebriDx is a rapid, point-of-care, dual-biomarker test that uses a fingerstick blood sample to help identify and differentiate a clinically significant immune response to acute respiratory infection, as well as differentiate viral from bacterial cause of infection. Downloads: Corporate brochure FORM-MKT-004.2 RPS Company Brochure.pdf