RoMedic Inc

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The year is 1984, and lifting-related injuries within healthcare skyrocketed – a workplace problem with no apparent solution. That's when we founded RoMedic and introduced the Ross EasySlide sliding mat – our first medical device. We didn't know what people would think of it. After all, it represented an entirely new approach to moving patients in lying positions. But EasySlide proved to be a big success. It gave us the opportunity to develop the Ross Easy Transfer System, a range of effective patient transfer devices.Our devices – our business conceptRoMedic's primary mission is to simplify the life and work of patients and healthcare staffs. Our approach and fundamental values that went into developing and designing our devices form the foundation of our business concept. Today, RoMedic is a global leader in healthcare transfers. We develop, refine and improve devices that make everyday life easier for thousands of people around the globe. Our occupational therapists and ergonomists work with our designers to find the best solutions, based on requirements from healthcare staffs and patients. Because only those who need our devices every day can give us valu-able insights for future innovations in this vital field.