Rodwell Engineering Group Ltd.

Endorse Company
Rodwell Scientific Instruments Rodwell Engineering Group is a family business founded in 1945. Over the years it has expanded to a multi-faceted engineering company though natural growth, acquisition and shrewd investment. Some of Rodwell's acquisitions have a history spanning back nearly 100 years! The company also has extensive property and business interests which ensure financial stability even throughout the most turbulent times. We have been exporting for the past 30 years and have established distributors in many nations all over the world. Our distributors share our commitment for proficient after-sales service using fully trained engineers with access to support from the manufacturers they represent. Making full use of modern available technology, Email and the internet has allowed us to develop up-to-date software (optional) which allows the scientist to email complete cycles to our technical department for full on-screen diagnosis and set-up recommendations.