Rizhao Sanqi Medical & Health Articles Co., Ltd.

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About us China 3Q Medical group Co.,Ltd. is a major manufacturer in China, specialized in disposable medical equipment, medical and hygienic products and non woven household products for the internation market, including the company of Rizhao Sanqi medical & Health Articles Co., Ltd, Rizhao shenchuan non-wovrn products CO., Ltd.,Rizhao sanqi non-woven shopping bag Co., Ltd.,Rizhao sanqi oral protection products Co., Ltd., and Rizhao sanqi priting Co., Ltd. In the year 2003, we get the certification of ISO9001, and get the certification of ISO14001, UKAS, ISO13485, CE. We have been certified as “Reputable Enterprise with High Business Ethics” by the Provincial and Municipal goverments. China 3Q is a factory of 42000 square meters including 28600 square meters workshop space. It is equipper with ultrasonic face mask line, cubic maks line, bouffant cap machine, shoecover machine, sponge folding machine(using spunlace nonwoven), multi-roll winding and perforating machine, paper –plastic composite apron machine, underpat machine, wet wipe machine, sterilization machine, and so on, that is more than 480 machines. We also have the 100 thousand and 300 thousand grade sterilized workshop controlled by air condition. Our mainly products are disposable gynecological examination instructions, surgical package, non-woven face mask, bouffant cap, medical sponge(spunlace non-woven),surgical gown, underpat, protection gown, experiment gown, underpant, bedsheet, bedcover, suit cover, shopping bag, wipe, wet wipe and production for old, totally over 120 products in 4series, 99% of which are exported to America, Europe, Japan, and south asia countries. We have customers in more than 30 countries and 100 medical instituations at home. China 3Q is conveniently located to its neighbour Qingdao post 120km, Lianyun port 100km and Rizhao port 10km. Though these seaports, container shipping reaches all the seaport in the world. We would like to cooperate with you based on our superb products, excellent services and competitive prices.