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Company Profile surgical sutures, skin adhesives and collagens RESORBA is a Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc company. Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc is a public UKbased business. that is engaged in developing and providing products to the global medical device market in the area of accelerating healing and managing wounds, minimizing adverse surgical outcomes, and sealing and closing tissues. Advanced Wound Care Dressings: These products pioneer the concept of moist wound healing to allow wounds to heal faster with less pain and scarring. They protect the wound, manage wound fluid, and provide an optimal environment for healing to occur. Antimicrobial silver dressings Adhesive and non-Adhesive 2 layer and 3 layer Foams Calcium Alginates Membranes Hydrogels Advanced Wound Closure and Sealants: Advanced Medical Solutions has been a leader in the design and production of unique topical skin adhesives, including our global family of LiquiBand® products. Our expertise in Cyanoacrylate technology has allowed us to develop a range of products to meet a variety of clinical needs including: Accident and emergency Minor Wound Closure Operating room Surgical Wound Closure & Sealants RESORBA Wound closure and Hemostasis: Since December 2011 RESORBA is an integral part of the AMS – Advanced Medical Solutions group. Resorba´s expertise lies in the production and distribution of surgical sutures and collagen products for all surgical disciplines in hospitals and in the private practice setting. Beyond that, we are leaders in the development of high-end collagens for surgical wound care, and are a recognized partner in scientific research projects. Our medical product advisers as well as our distributors are with clients every day. This enables them to recognize the needs of the market and contribute to the continuous improvement of our products. Absorbable surgical sutures Non-absorbable surgical sutures Absorbable Collagens of equine origin