Renfrew Group International

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ABOUT US Renfrew Group International is no new kid on the block – For more than thirty years we’ve used insight and great design to turn ideas into successful, market-defining products – products which are reassuringly simple, yet precisely engineered for efficient manufacture. RGI is an award winning, hands-on product design company that works with good ideas and great people to deliver products that sell well in their clients’ target markets. RGI help their clients achieve their objectives with compelling innovations and attractive design propositions, and they do this whilst also delivering new intellectual property as part of the commission. Ideation RGI has a structured approach that employs unique methodologies, tools and techniques for design ideation, and which enhances concepts through feedback loops and virtual engineering. A full ideation process involving the design team, clients, target consumers and other stakeholders uses this interaction to inform and explore all the options from ground level innovation to product evolution. And whilst extracting the maximum benefit from this collaborative stimulus to creativity, the team also uses competitive benchmarking and analytical techniques in identifying problems and finding effective solutions. RGI offers a genuinely different approach by bundling design development with rapid working prototypes straight from the consultancy’s own labs, and it uses powerful innovation in solving technological problems , but always with an eye to the practical and emotional needs of the target users – This we do consistently across all assignments whether they be in the public or the private sector.