RehaWash Systems GmbH

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Company Profile About us RehaWash was founded in 2001 in Weiswasser, just outside Berlin. The German federal state of Saxony (Sachsen), where the company is located, is one of the most innovative regions in the country and is known for its modern automotive industry and the excellence of its engineering. Here is the birthplace of significant inventions such as the sewing machine and washing machine! Production is now based in the factory in Weiswasser, whilst international sales are managed from the sales office in the Netherlands. We also work together with partners/distributors in several countries to guarantee a high quality of after-sales. At the heart of our work is the development of innovative products and systems to make a significant contribution to increasing the efficiency and quality of health care / patient care. Safety and CE standardisation RehaWash Systems GmbH is an innovative company. Its main objective is to ensure that all its products satisfy the highest international safety standards and it is amply fulfilling this objective.