Rehabilitation Robot Business Support Center Corp.

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About us The number of people with disabilities registered in Korea has reached 5% of the total population. Disabilities, both congenital and acquired, can be minimized through active rehabilitation in the early stages. Quick return to society after rehabilitation treatment not only enhances the quality of life for people with disabilities, but also has major benefits for everyone from a socioeconomic perspective. As a central rehabilitation agency of the nation, the National Rehabilitation Center plays a key role in public rehabilitation to minimize disabilities and ensure quick return to society through active rehabilitation from the early stages of illness. In order to achieve these goals, we aim to develop and disseminate appropriate rehabilitation treatment guidelines and disability assessment tools and establish a public rehabilitation delivery system including regional rehabilitation hospitals and community-based rehabilitation. Furthermore, we are taking the lead in research to develop practical rehabilitation assistive devices to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities. We are making continuous efforts to become a world-leading institution in translational and clinical research to study and develop rehabilitation robots through industrial-academic joint research combining Korea’s outstanding medical and technological expertise. We ask for your attention and support as the National Rehabilitation Center overcomes the boundaries of disabilities with“ a positive attitude toward people” to “realize the value of mankind”. Establishes the Public Rehabilitation Service Provision System Supports and Aids Other Public Rehabilitation Hospitals/Medical FacilitiesDevelops and Distributes Community Reintegration Programmes for the DisabledStrengthens International Cooperation Efforts, such as Assisting the Developing countries Expands Professional Rehabilitation Services for the Disabled's Health Promotion Specializes Medical Services and Operates Specialized Rehabilitation ProgrammesManages the Life-long Health Promotion Project for the DisabledExpands Medical Rehabilitation Services to the Population Unmet with the Current Services, such as the Aging Conducts Clinical Studies on Rehabilitation Conducts Translational Clinical Research to Introduce New Future TechnologiesConducts Research Studies on The Disabled Health Promotion & Functional AssessmentsConducts Clinical Research for Aging People with Disabilities Independent Support Education Expansion for the demander's needs The project expansion on the awareness of the disabledReinforcing Rehabilitation Professional EducationDriving Education Expansion for the Disabled Improves Organizational Management through Communication Management Performance Boosting as the Responsible Operation OrganizationPublicizes the Center to the Public in order to Improve It's Organizational ImageReinforces It's Research & Planning Function