REAL Design

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R.E.A.L. Design™ (Rehab and Educational Aids for Living) is a company that makes products for children with disabilities. We are a design-driven company that believes strongly in innovation. We work directly with therapists, parents, and other caregivers, to understand firsthand the needs of children. Important in the development process are the details that make our products inviting to use. It is our commitment to make products that are not only functional and well constructed, but also exciting to look at and fun to interact with. We feel our products will enhance any home or therapy center. R.E.A.L. Design located in the foothils of New York State's Adirondack Park is committed to the research, design and manufacturing of products for children with special needs. Incorporated in 1994, our focus is on innovation and we believe in working closely with therapists, parents and other caregivers in all phases of development from concept prototype to final production. Their involvement in product development provides us with a firsthand understanding of the issues that need to be addressed in designing pediatric therapy equipment.Our company feels strongly that rehab products for children will be enhanced with a creative and aesthetic quality not usually associated with adaptive technology. At R.E.A.L. Design we want to develop products that are not only functional and well constructed, but also playful. If play is the "work" of children than products designed for children should address those needs. Bright colors, rounded contours, and playful shapes make a product fun to use and have around. Sisters, brothers or other school children often join in to play during therapy exercises with our products which is precisely the kind of social interaction parents want for their disabled child.