RapiGEN Inc.

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Company Profile RapiGEN Inc. Our company, RapiGEN INC. is a leading manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic industry.We are the first developer and user of black gold particle in rapid test method. With more than 10 years of commitment, our R&D department has obtained the high end technique to utilize the black gold particles in our rapid test kits. Through our new technology, we are becoming the leading company in the diagnostic industry: our products using black gold particles brought innovation to the in vitro rapid test field with their high specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility. Also by using black gold particles, we also obtained economic benefits leading to satisfying offer for our customers. RapiGEN supplies the highest quality and most innovative immunodiagnostic products available. RapiGEN's primary business focuses on diagnostics of human and pet deseases. Main lines of human body diagnostic kits of Malaria and Dengue diseases. Several lines of veterinary diagnostic kits for infectious disease of companion animals are available including Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper virus and Canine Heartworm. These products provide easy, accurate, and fast result. RapiGEN also provides diagnostic kits for detection of microbiological contamination of drinking water. Water test(ColiGEN) detects coli forms and E. coli in drinking water by chromogenic substrates enzyme method. RapiGEN has the total technology to manufacture the rapid diagnostic kit and has been consistently developing new products through R&D activities. We keep developing and producing new items to serve researchers and performers in the field of clinical diagnostics and life science. We believe that our products complement your range of activities and your company has a good position to sale our products.