Rapid-Aid Corp.

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Rapid Aid Company Profile Making It Better Millions of Times A Year Every year, Rapid Aid produces millions of units for distributors and consumers worldwide, making us the largest private label manufacturer of hot/cold therapy products. We are a privately held corporation based in North America with more than 100 employees. Since 1975, we’ve learned what it takes to make everything better for our clients. Certified Credentials Rapid Aid guarantees quality because every product we make upholds strict international standards: A Class 1 Medical Device manufacturer, registered with the FDA and Health Canada A founding member of the Association of Ontario Medical Manufacturers A founding member of Innovators Alliance Member of HIDA, NSC and PLMA In-house QA/QC/Regulatory A reputable customer base Innovation True innovation comes from thinking ahead. Rapid Aid provides solutions to the changing needs of our medical, industrial and retail customers through on-going research and development. We constantly invest in new equipment, automation, plant expansion and training. This has led to our award winning packaging, patent recognition, and a unique array of products. Flexibility Rapid Aid can provide you with as much–or as little—service as you require. We can develop products from concept to market. Our custom solutions include exclusives on specific product lines, packaging alternatives and shipping solutions. Value We know your business demands high-quality products at the right price. This is especially important for clients that want to establish or build their private-label brands. We deliver the best quality and the best price. We’re Close to You Our office and manufacturing facility is located near one of North America’s busiest transportation corridors. That means we can respond to your needs and concerns in hours – not weeks. Whether you need fast delivery or reliable customer support, we’re always nearby to help.