R & D Batteries Inc

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R&D Batteries, a multi-million dollar corporation, is a battery assembler and distributor representing some of the world's premier manufacturers. We focus primarily on the engineering, testing, manufacturing and distribution of replacement batteries used in medical equipment. To facilitate this, we have established and maintain factory direct relationships with cell manufacturers that are key to the medical industry. Our vendors include Sanyo, Panasonic, Powersonic, Yuasa, FDK, Enersys, Sonnenschein, Varta, Saft, Energizer, and Renata. Our sales volume allows us to provide our customers with a purchasing avenue that is linked directly to these premium cell manufacturers worldwide.Providing the healthcare industry with only the finest replacement batteries is our primary focus. The R&D inventory is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of hospitals, medical centers, biomedical service companies and clinical engineering service professionals.