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QuickMedical started in 1993 with humble beginnings. The idea was to create the first digital height measuring device that would deliver professional results with an accuracy never before seen. The idea became reality with the invention of the Heightronic 235. This led to a warehouse ran out of a garage and a sales and web team ran out of a tiny apartment. Things only continued to grow. The site was launched in order to create an easier way to distribute the heightronic, at a time when the internet was just starting to get rolling. Soon other companies wanted their products on our website too, which really, was the birth of QuickMedical as a medical supply store.We also value the environment and are constantly looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly. In our new facility we've created an environmental room out in the warehouse. Instead of heating or air conditioning our whole warehouse, we use a minimal amount of energy by simply heating the room our warehouse staff spends the majority of their time in. We are continually trying to figure out what we can do to become an even greener company.