PSB Technologies Pte Ltd

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Serving your automation needs in Asia PSB Technologies Pte Ltd (PSB Tech), A Doerfer Company, is a leading provider of custom automation in Southeast Asia. We provide turnkey automation solutions for multinational companies, specializing in designing and developing high-end automation that requires high volume, high speed or high precision production. We offer an extensive range of value-added services, including: Designing and building customized, high-precision mechatronic assembly equipment that are reliable and able to meet CE or NRTL requirements Building equipment from “prints”, value-adding by lending our experience and expertise to improving the performance, reliability and ease of maintenance; Warranties for all the equipment supplied by us; Upgrades and comprehensive maintenance contract that are tailored to your needs. Our Value Proposition We work closely with our customers to help them implement customised automated manufacturing solutions that would improve their performance, precision and productivity Our systems are easy to deploy, simple to manage and highly cost-effective. Through our customised solutions, we help companies worldwide meet their business goals and become less reliant on workers, thereby improving and maintaining a consistently high level of quality cum output. In addition, PSB Tech’s customers have the flexibility to produce their products anywhere, without incurring any substantial increase in cost. Downloads: PSB-Brochure-Final-rv2.pdf