Pryor Products

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Pryor Products is the world's leading manufacturer of IV stands and rolling bases for medical equipment. Our products are used for mounting IV pumps of all shapes and sizes, vital signs monitors, computers, ventilators and all other types of medical instrumentation. Today our products are hard at work throughout the world, in every conceivable healthcare area.Over the years we have developed an array of healthcare product lines in support of our customer's evolving clinical needs - with many choices within each line. They include dozens of different poles, stands, and mounting systems for IV-related equipment (such as large volume infusion pumps, syringe pumps and specialty pumps), unique rolling bases for specific medical instrumentation (such as large and small vital signs monitors, ventilators, compressors, wireless computers), patented stand components that add functionality to any Pryor stand, and a complete line of ceiling mounted cubicle curtains and IV hangers. Today, we offer an unsurpassed variety of styles and configurations of IV and instrument stands and productivity-enhancing accessories.