PrintoCent c/o VTT Ltd.

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What is PrintoCent? PrintoCent is a business and production environment for companies to manufacture components, products and solutions based on Printed Intelligent processes. Today, there are around200 professionals working in the PrintoCent community. PrintoCent is truly a functioning multidisciplinary business development environment. PrintoCent’s Pilot Factory reduces commercial and technical risk before fully commercial operation kick off. PrintoCent is looking for supplying to industrial partners’ global network and thus focuses on product, production and value chain development. PrintoCent is running the 15 M€ project portfolio 2009-2012 (phase 1) World class unique PrintoCent Pilot Factory for Roll to Roll (R2R) mass production from lab-to-fab. Until 2011 the companies have invested 2 M€ in PrintoCent community and 9 in spin-offs. At EU level PrintoCent is strongly involved in VTT coordinated COLAE –project having 17 partners from 12 countries PrintoCent is also part of Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA) business case development to take technologies from lab-to-fab to market. PrintoCent has established an end-to-end environment to realise business cases whichare brought forward closer to commercialization as demonstrators and prototypes by corporates (as buyers) and an established subcontracting network. VTT and University resources, IPR and facilities will be used together with corporate resources. PrintoCent combines the printed electronics (printed intelligence) and optical measurements efforts at VTT and the Universities within the Oulu region: know-how, R&D, education, and business development PrintoCent creates a business, production and educational environment for companies to develop and manufacture prototype products, demonstrators and system solutions, and acquire skilled workforce to enable these.