Prent Denmark ApS

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About Us Welcome to Prent Corporation. We are proud to be the world's leading designer and manufacturer of custom plastic, rigid thermoform packaging for the medical, electronics and consumer industries. Headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin—with additional manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, China, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Denmark (under construction), and an Singapore - Asian Headquarters—Prent Corporation provides plastic thermoformed packaging solutions for many of the world's leading Fortune 100 companies. The types of packages, parts and services we provide include: Custom Thermoformed Parts Pressure Forming Clean Room Thermoforming Medical Device Packaging Electronics Packaging Automation Trays Consumer Packaging Industrial Packaging Pharmaceutical Packaging Cosmetic Packaging Diagnostic Kits Procedure Trays Implant Trays Assembly Totes Clamshell Packaging Blister Packaging Rack-n-stands Carriers Containers Components Parts up to 60" long Double-Sterile Packages Multi-Part Assembly Protective Packaging Medical Plastics Electrical Plastics Plastic Models Plastic Designs Plastic Products Plastic Packages Plastic Trays Plastic Packaging Plastic Containers Plastic Thermoforming Plastic Prototypes Thermoforming Tools Quality Plastics Custom Plastics Precision Parts Vacuum Forming Rigid Sheet Extrusion Rigid Packaging Semi-rigid Packaging And more