Precision Systems Inc

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Precision Systems has pioneered technology in freezing point osmometry in many ways, including developing a simple, non-interactive calibration procedure used on all our instruments. We have led the market in offering the smallest sample osmometer available on the market at 10 µL. We also offer the most complete line of osmometers to meet every user's need. Our instruments are some of the most reliable on the market. We have customers calling about repair on instruments they have been using in their labs for 25 years or more.Rapid cool-down of the instrument from turn-on, a straight-forward, two-step calibration process, a quick and easy test procedure, minimal need for calibration standards, low maintenance requirements and high reliability result in osmometers and cryoscopes that are low cost of ownership to the user over the lifetime of the instrument.Our osmometers and cryoscopes are found in applications in clinical labs, research, small animal testing, QC of pharmaceuticals, IV solutions, beverages, reagents, eye solutions, incoming product inspections, dairy, petroleum, and many others.