Precision Micro Products of America Inc

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Precision Microproducts of America, Inc. is a leading supplier of equipment, supplies and parts to the Microfilm and Document Imaging industry.We carry a full line of Canon Scanners , Fujitsu Scanners , Kodak Scanners and Panasonic Scanners. We carry parts, maintenance kits, roller exchange kits, ScanCare kits, lamps and other consumables for Canon scanner, Panasonic scanners and Fujitsu scanners.Precision Microproducts sells and services the KIP line of wide format scanners and wide format printers. We also service most major manufactures of Micrographic equipment including Allen Processors, Bell & Howell, Canon, Extek, GAF, HF Processors, Indus, Konica-Minolta, Kodak, Ozalid, NB, Visitek and Xidex.