Prairie View Industries Inc

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Prairie View Industries is the leading global manufacturer of multifold aluminum wheelchair ramps and the premier designer of food service equipment in the US. From our humble beginnings at Prairie View, Kansas in 1991, to our current 135,000 square foot facility in Fairbury, Nebraska, many things have changed. But two things have stayed the same: our commitment to quality and family values. It is to help mobility-challenged people to lead more active, productive and happier lives. We strive every day to improve designs for better adaptability in the everyday world. We also encourage customer input and are more than willing to adapt to specific needs.Our Food Service line was started in 1999. It has grown every year since and is now a leader in the industry. We strive to have the highest quality equipment in both Stainless Steel and Aluminum and the best customer service. We will continue to maintain inventory levels for quick delivery. As in our ramp division, our food service line is growing due to our willingness to listen and build to our customers needs. By continuing to grow our reputation in the marketplace, we not only service our customers, but we maintain a way of life for our 80+ employees, which in turn helps to keep our small community strong. The quality management system of Prairie View Industries has been certified by Eagle Registrations to conform to ISO 9001:2008 requirements for the design and manufacture of wheelchair ramps and handicap access systems.