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Rapid test OEM/private labeling specialist Throughout our 15 year history, Polymed Therapeutics has been a leading global manufacturer of Pharmaceutical active ingredients. Using our extensive pharmaceutical and regulatory experience, we acquired a top IVD company in China and diversified into the Medical Devices market, specializing in in-vitro diagnostic devices. Strengths Headquartered in USA, our manufacturing facilities are in China specifically to achieve minimal production cost, thereby providing amazingly low pricing to our customers. Quality is uncompromisingly superior, with GMP and ISO compliance. Fastep® Brand Fastep® is Polymed's brand of rapid test devices. Our easy-to-use and dependable devices are ideal for professional organizations, like hospitals, clinics, corporations, rehabilitation centers, prisons, laboratories. Our team of R&D scientists is dedicated to innovating and expanding our portfolio of quality products. OEM specialty In addition, we excel in OEM capabilities- to contract manufacture with your design, or custom design for you, or manufacture under your private label. Being flexible and fast, we can make large or even small runs. Our commitment to providing premium products and services ensures Polymed satisfies the diverse needs of our worldwide customers.