Physiolution GmbH

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About us Physiolution GmbH was founded by Prof. Dr. Werner Weitschies and Dr. Grzegorz Garbacz as a spin-off of the University of Greifswald in November 2009. Physiolution GmbH is a highly innovative company focused on investigations of the dissolution behaviour of solid oral dosage forms under bio-relevant test conditions. In May 2010 Prof. Dr. Sandra Klein and Mr. Werner Georg Müller joined Physiolution GmbH and have been supporting the company with expertise and business experience since then. The cutting edge test methods utilized by Physiolution GmbH were established by the founders and are based on long experience in the fields of gastro-intestinal tract physiology and biopharmaceutical evaluation of dosage form performance. The bio-relevant test devices realistically simulate the mechanistic and physico-chemical conditions that act on dosage forms during their gastro-intestinal passage and enable the evaluation of their biopharmaceutical safety and reliability. The applicability of the test devices and test procedures was successfully validated on numerous examples of clinical relevance as well as in the routine analyses of solid oral dosage forms. In addition, the analytical services of Physiolution GmbH include pharmacopoeial dissolution testing and other pharmacopoeial investigations of solid oral dosage forms and their mechanical stability as well as development and validation of analytical methods and procedures.