Physician Engineered Products (PEP) Inc

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Physician Engineered Products (PEP) is a physician-owned company with over 25 years experience designing and building innovative medical products and services – both to the medical community and to the public. With our focus on improving medical care while reducing costs, PEP has developed a particular expertise in bright light phototherapy – harnessing the healing power of light. The results are the most effective devices available for treating infants with jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia), as well as adults – by lifting depressions like seasonal affective disorder (SAD or winter blues), or solving internal body clock (circadian rhythm) issues, such as insomnia, jet lag, work shift fatigue, or enhancing wakefulness for decreased accidents and improved performance.Research and development is ongoing at PEP; there are several new products in the pipeline at any given time. New product ideas come from within PEP or by collaborating with outside experts - clinicians with good ideas or institutions like Stanford University.Product manufacturing occurs at PEP's 15,000 square foot facility in wes