Phoenix Data Systems Inc

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Phoenix Data is a privately held corporation that was first organized by its present CEO in 1974 as a custom software developer. Phoenix developed a methodology for creating solutions that work – from design to execution.The onset of the software industry boom in the early 1980s provided Phoenix with the opportunity to capitalize on its experience and expertise in creating software solutions. Phoenix developed AIMS under the auspices of the Michigan Hospital Association. The first version of AIMS was conceived and created with input from thirty healthcare professionals from fourteen Michigan Hospitals and Phoenix' experienced software designers/developers.Phoenix Data Systems, Inc. is the sole manufacturer and developer of the AIMS Equipment Maintenance Management Software. Since its first nationwide release in 1984 as a simple work order tracking application, Phoenix has continually supported and enhanced the program, growing it into the robust, multi-functional management tool available today. Phoenix Data has been dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry since 1990. One-hundred percent of our business is healthcare related and our single specialty is equipment maintenance management software.