Pharma Supply, Inc.

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About Us Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and in considering us for your medical supply needs. We are confident you will find our products and service second to none. Over the last 10 years we have grown from a small diabetic supply company in the United States and Puerto Rico to a new voice in the diabetic supply and products industry, manufacturing and distributing our own line of diabetic support equipment. Diabetic Supply Of Suncoast, Inc is proud to introduce the Advocate® Speaking Glucose Monitor, Advocate Duo® Speaking Glucose/Blood Pressure Monitor and the Advocate RediCode™(no coding required). These meters are in addition to the other fine quality products we also sell. The Advocate®, Advocate Duo® and Advocate RediCode™ Monitors actually talk! They will greet you, tell you the room temp, tell you the code number, tell you when to apply the blood and give you the results all through an audible function. The Advocate®, Advocate Duo® and Advocate RediCode™ talking meter are three of only a few talking meters on the market with pricing well below our competitor’s models. The speaker volume can be adjusted or muted completely. English and Spanish versions are available. For distributors interested in these new products and seeking a free sample call our US sales and distribution center at 888-469-3579. Diabetic Supply Of Suncoast was founded with the fundamental goal of providing high quality low cost products and disposables to our customers. Our Corporate offices are located in sunny Dorado, Puerto Rico with warehouse and distributor sales offices in Florida. Diabetic Supply Of Suncoast prides itself on customer service and availability of product. Products are typically shipped within a 24 hour period after the order has been placed.