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Company Profile CardioSecur - The only mobile ECG with 360 degree view CardioSecur is a mobile ECG with up to 22-leads using only four electrodes. It is a clinical grade mobile ECG for smartphones and tablets. Heart readings can be taken on the go and with the same quality as an electrocardiogram done by cardiologists. Enabling diagnosis of ischemia and rhythm disorders.It is the only technology that has been developed to clarify heart symptoms where and when they occur, to make a cardiac diagnosis and to prevent serious cardiac events. The clinical properties and ease of use of CardioSecur make it suitable for both the patient as well as the physician. Two versions: PRO and ACTIVE CardioSecur comes in two versions: PRO for physicians, ACTIVE for patients. Both use the ECG cable with only 4 electrodes. The apps are however completely different. The ACTIVE is to be used by one patient, who will not see the the ECG, but will get a clear instruction what to do. The PRO app can be used with many patients and shows an 22-lead ECG, with the option of an automatic diagnosis. The ACTIVE will save the ECG’s in a secure database, which can be seen by the physician at any time and place. The PRO app allows for 10.000 minutes of ECG recording per 1GB. CardioSecur is clinically validated in several studies. The innovative technology developed the EASI-standard even further requiring just 4 electrodes. FDA approval is expected for 2016. CE-marked