pedalo® by Holz-Hoerz

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Company Profile pedalo® Classics Read, what the experts have to say about pedalo® Since 40 years I use Holz-Hoerz devices in school sports and club sports. The quality has convinced me long lasting from of the beginning on. The various product range helps to make "sport without borders", what means really popular sport. The pedalo®-System is needs-usable and therefore interesting for people with different qualifications. From easy to difficult: pedalo®-Reha “S”, pedalo®-Family, pedalo®-Classic, pedalo®-Combi, pedalo®-Sport, pedalo®-Slalom. All Holz-Hoerz devices belong to the category of mobile devices. Compared with stationary devices (such as seesaw, monkey, bars, balance beam, swing) their advantage is, that they are versatile and mobile in use, adaptable by supplemental parts and therefore remain attractive for a much longer time. Expert: Holger Laurisch