PDR PDR is an award-winning prototyping, 3D printing and rapid, low volume, batch manufacturing centre that has helped companies with the design and development of effective, cutting-edge and successful medical devices for over 20 years. Hundreds of products have been developed at PDR and numerous human factors studies have been carried out in areas of various classification, risk and complexity. The Centre’s clients range from major blue chips such as GE Medical and Novartis through to SME’s, inventors and clinicians. PDR works with the latest technologies including: rapid prototyping technologies, design technologies and unique user-centric design and interactive prototyping labs. These technologies, alongside a team of highly experienced staff, drive rapid and comprehensive design and development work- from Human Factors and Usability Engineering through to detailed industrial and mechanical design, interface design, prototype and manufacturing implementation. PDR’s customer-focused approach emphasises control and robust reliable solutions throughout- from conception through to manufacturing and new product introduction. Housed under one roof, the capabilities, knowledge and expertise are unprecedented. www.pdronline.co.uk