PCI Medical Inc

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What makes us different at PCI Medical? Since our start in 1995, our culture has been to place the customer first. Heard that before? We truly mean it at PCI. With over 6,000 healthcare facilities as customers we are obviously doing something right! We are a family owned business made up of employees, most of whom have been with us for more than five years.Our customer care begins when your phone call is answered by a real person - not an impersonal automated system. When you are transferred to one of our expert Sales & Customer Service members, you will talk with someone with a great understanding of infection control and the problems facing healthcare employees working with high level disinfectants. Most of our customers call because they have a real problem with exposure to harmful vapors or a compliance issue with OSHA or Joint Commissions. Our goal is to solve that problem in the most cost effective manner. Our team understands the issues and provides the solution.