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MEDITECH systems are designed for care without walls. Home care data and activities are coordinated with the care provided at hospitals and medical practices to foster a well coordinated, patient-centric approach to care delivery. Your organization is able to report on home care both as a distinct agency and (when used in combination with MEDITECH's Data Repository product) as part of an overall health care enterprise.MEDITECH's Home Health product drives business processes and guides decisions through intelligent, task-driven communication based on the unique needs of the home care environment and regulatory requirements surrounding it. It actively guides the appropriate users to perform the appropriate tasks efficiently and accurately-every time, while integrating with the MEDITECH HCIS to promote the continuity of care through timely treatment of patients' conditions after discharge. Standard components include the ability to manage patient referrals, establish plans of care, schedule appointments, place orders and document care from the patient's home, and bill for services. Please see our Functionality brief for additional information.