The future of Hospital Oxygen Therapy Oxypoint adds comfort during oxygen therapy and saves money on medical oxygen! More comfort for the patient! During classic therapy a constant flow of dry oxygen is forced into the nose which causes dehydration of the mucosa, a cold feeling in the nose and eventually nasal crusts and nosebleeds. Using the Comfort Mode of the Oxypoint Comfort O2 flowmeter, these discomforts will be something from the past. Less O2 spilling for the hospital! Substantial amounts of costly medical oxygen can be saved using the Oxypoint Comfort O2 Flowmeter. Between two therapy sessions the comfort mode automatically shuts down. This eliminates waste when there is no patient, for instance during lunch or when he leaves the room for a medical examination. This results in no more open flowmeters wasting oxygen. Also during therapy, spilling decreases, since there is no O2 delivery during exhalation. Downloads: Oxypoint Brochure Oxypoint Brochure.pdf