Orthovita is an orthobiologics and biosurgery company that develops and markets innovative medical implants. Our orthobiologics platform offers products for the fusion, regeneration and fracture fixation of human bone, while our biosurgery platform currently offers products for controlling intra-operative bleeding, also known as hemostasis.Our current fusion and regeneration products are based on our proprietary, market-leading Vitoss™ Bone Graft Substitute technology which addresses the non-structural bone grafting market with synthetic, bioactive alternatives to patient- and cadaver-derived bone tissue. Cortoss™ Bone Augmentation Material, an injectable polymer composite that mimics the structural characteristics of human bone, provides the basis for our fracture fixation portfolio. Cortoss Bone Augmentation Material is cleared in the U.S. for treatment of vertebral compression fractures. Our hemostasis portfolio includes Vitagel™ Surgical Hemostat, a unique, collagen-based matrix that controls bleeding and facilitates healing, and Vitasure™ Absorbable Hemostat, a plant-based product that can be deployed quickly throughout surgery.