ONLINE Engineering inc. ONLINE Engineering, inc. is recognized as the "World's source for Diagnostic Culture Production Equipment." For nearly 30 years we have developed advanced technology for the industry. Many of our innovations such as meniscus generation and open dish drying are now considered standard in the industry. Today, ONLINE's products span the globe and are used by virtually all major producers of prepared media. Our machines are known for accurate trouble-free dispensing, efficient controlled drying, low maintenance and an excellent return on investment. ONLINE diagnostic culture media production equipment ranges from a single lane SOLO� dispensing system to an eight-lane system producing up to 9000 filled petri dishes per hour, also capable of handling multi-cavity plates. In addition to these, we have specialized machines for contact dishes, dip slides and test tubes to meet a wide variety of production needs. Our automated plate production systems allow the use of virtually all types of agar without nozzles dripping or bubbles in the media.