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About us History Oncomedics is a biotechnology company specializing in individualized therapy for the treatment of cancer. The company was founded in 2006 by Dr Christophe Lautrette and Stéphanie Giraud. Oncomedics moved in 2010 to new laboratories specifically adapted for the needs of its business. These premises are located on the site of ESTER Technopolis, Limoges (France). Oncomedics is now composed of 4 people including 3 PhDs and has numerous collaborations with clinical centers and academic laboratories. During the company creation, Oncomedics has established a network of clinicians needed to supply tumor samples with the addition of new tumor types. Surgeons advise patients, evidence of their consent for the use of their surgical residues and perform biopsies or complete resection of the affected organ. Pathologists, after making their diagnosis, extract a dedicated Oncomedics tumor fragment and send it to Oncomedics by specialized carrier. These procedures are performed with a legal contract with Oncomedics.