Olerup SSP AB

Endorse Company
About Us Olerup is global distributor of molecular diagnostic products and services for HLA typing and antibody detection. For the meeting in 2015 Olerup is pleased to introduce a new product portfolio for RT-PCR HLA typing. We act through Olerup GmbH, with office in Vienna, Austria, and Olerup Inc, with office in West Chester, PA, USA. Both companies are subsidiaries of Allenex AB. The Vienna office is responsible for direct sales in Austria, Germany, BeNeLux and Slovenia. We also have a well-established network of distributors covering Middle East, Africa and Asia as well as the countries in Europe outside our direct sales organisation. From our office in West Chester we sell directly to laboratories within the United States, and through a chain of well-established distributors we reach out to laboratories in Canada, Mexico, Latin- and South Americas.