Okamoto USA Inc

Endorse Company

The Japan Rubber Industry was founded in January 1934 with just 50,000 yen and a corporate mission to manufacture a line of rubberized clothing and raincoats. Just one month later, latex condoms were added to the product mix under the name Okamoto Rubber Co., Ltd., an addition which has fueled our steady growth ever since.1949 was a milestone year, the year we were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Nine years later, a major merger began another period of rapid growth and expansion. By joining forces with Nippon Gum Industries, Ltd. and Riken Rubber Co., Ltd., we became an even more cohesive and dynamic enterprise, strengthened by the ideas and technologies that our new associates brought to the table. By 1974, Okamoto USA, Inc. opened in New York, as our operations in Japan and other countries continued to expand and strengthen. Over the years, our successful joint ventures with Reebok Japan, Inc., Michelin Japan and other strategic partners have helped put us on the fast track in lucrative markets, as we continue to build a reputation for the highest quality, most innovative products and processes available today