Ocular Instruments Inc

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At Ocular, we're not just driven. We're customer driven. We focus on serving the needs of every customer. We listen to our customers and continually evolve our products to help them succeed. For over 40 years we have strived to create and produce ophthalmic lenses of unparalleled sharpness and clarity. And while we have continually challenged ourselves to create breakthrough lens systems at the forefront of the ophthalmic industry, we are committed to continually improving the features and durability of all our product lines, including our more traditional items. We provide innovative solutions that advance the quality of eye care worldwide. As one of the world's largest suppliers of ophthalmic diagnostic, laser, and surgical lenses, we take our leadership responsibilities seriously. We have developed more than 200 lenses and supporting products for the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of diseases and disorders of the eye. All of our products are developed in conjunction with leading eye doctors around the world and manufactured in our modern Bellevue, Washington, USA, facility to the most precise and exacting standards.