OCO Biomedical Inc

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OCO Biomedical is the world-wide leader in selective load dental implant technology. Our Dual Stabilization dental implants form a biomechanical lock at placement and are engineered to stimulate bone growth with our patent-pending implant features. The OCO Biomedical placement system is simple and allows the user to Logically Progress from our I-Micro to our larger diameter implants with a few easy steps. All of OCO Biomedical implants boast an impressive reported success rate of over 99%. OCO Biomedical has raised the bar of excellence within the field of dentistry by producing state-of-the-art, user-friendly dental implant solutions. Today, we continue to manufacture superior dental implants and attachment systems and are leading the industry with The Next Generation in Dental Implant Technology. We are dedicated to meeting the ever-evolving needs of our customers and continue to deliver innovative products while supplying only the best customer care.OCO is proud to deliver an implant product line that is designed specifically to increase procedural and functional performance and enhance overall implant success rates. Designed for immediate or conventional (delayed) loading, OCO Biomedical's Dual Stabilization Dental Implant System is simple and minimally invasive. It can be used for simple implant procedures but is versatile enough to address even the most complicated of cases. Because our products are so versatile, they truly meet the needs of general practitioners and specialists alike.