Nu Hope Laboratories Inc

Endorse Company

The history of Nu-Hope is an interesting one of tragedy turned into triumph. Nu-Hope was born out of necessity. The founder, Edmund N. Galindo, was born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating from Polytechnic High School in 1933, Edmund apprenticed as a silk screen printer. Eventually, he married with four children and became a partner in a silk screen printing business. During this time Edmund was battling chronic kidney disease. He was not aware of the seriousness of his disease until he volunteered for the war effort in 1941. Doctors were so alarmed by his condition they told him he had only one more year to live. By the grace of God and some progressive thinking doctors, he survived that prediction by 18 years.When medical treatment was no longer effective, a urinary diversion was performed in January 1958. At that time ostomy products were complicated, crude and relatively ineffective. There were many months of frustration and anguish trying to use these products. There was frequent leakage that caused pouches to be changed often that resulted in skin breakdown after a few days. When serious problems arose, there were no Esterostomal Therapists to turn for help. And there was frequent laundering of clothing and bed linen.