nova motum® Services & Consulting GmbH

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Company Profile Mobile Connectivity in eHealth Our teams offer more than 18 years experience in the development and design of Mobile Connectivity software. We know how to expand your business strategy with the help of Mobile Connectivity, based on solutions for iOS, Android, as well as OS X and Linux, clients and servers alike. Our customer base includes Vodafone Global, Phonak, Medisana, and Gigaset, amongst others. nova motum® is networking through a variety of important societies and institutions and thus has excellent connections to industrial markets inside and outside of Germany: BVITG - German Association of IT Vendors Member of bvitg - German Association of Health IT Vendors COCIR - Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry Approved member of the internatinal industry association COCIR in Brussels, electromedicine and healthcare industries DGTELEMED - German Society for Telemedicine Member of the DGTelemed - German Society for Telemedicine DIN - German Institute for Standardization Member of DIN e. V. - German Institute for Standardization, with relation to regulatory topics regarding medical apps SPECTARIS - German Hightech Industry Association Member of SPECTARIS in the section of medical technology ZVEI - German Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (Medical & Automotive sections) Member of ZVEI - German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association ACN - Apple Consultants Network Certified member of Apple Consultants Network (ACN) BA4MW/BAN - Business Apps Network Member of the SIBB-network -Business Applications for the Mobile World, BA4MW / BAN - Business Apps Network SIBB - ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin-Brandenburg Member of SIBB - ICT & Business Association in Berlin - Brandenburg