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NORAKER, new biotechnologies Since it was founded in 2005, NORAKER has been specialised in the design, production and marketing of synthetic and absorbable biomaterial-based implantable medical devices for bone substitution and osteosynthesis. The medical devices offered by NORAKER cover an extensive range of applications: Orthopaedics Spinal Cranio-maxillofacial Dental NORAKER, an Innovative New Busines s As the specialist manufacturer of Bioactive Glass 45S5, we believe that every single patient in the world should profit from best-in-class medical technologies in the area of bone regeneration tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. From scientific discovery and clinical trials to product manufacturing, we perform our research and innovation work with passion, producing in the end truly innovative technologies that make a real difference in the field of human health. The NORAKER commitment NORAKER is committed each day to innovation in the fields of orthopaedics and dentistry, with the guiding principle of improving patient comfort. Design and production activities are routinely conducted in accordance with the quality management system implemented by the company. NORAKER has been awarded NF EN ISO 13485: 2004 certification. All its products have been awarded CE marks. NORAKER, attentive to its patients On the back of a multidisciplinary R&D team and an extensive trademark and patent portfolio, the business has set up the technical and human resources required to develop innovative products based on pure or processed bioactive glass. Due to the high quality requirements and advanced technology, NORAKER is attentive to its users' needs and to patient comfort. The NORAKER network NORAKER has established a large number of partnerships with institutional and academic organisations and also works in conjunction with nationally renowned clinicians in the fields of dental and orthopaedic surgery.