Endorse Company
Contributing to Society by Generating New Value Having “Contributing to Society by Generating New Value in Wide-ranging Fields from the Biosphere to Outer Space” as its management philosophy, NOF Group is engaging in multifaceted business developments with unique and differentiated products. We will invest our resources particularly in three business fields positioned as growth areas: life sciences, electronics/IT, and environment/energy, and endeavor to realize our goal of being a business group with a strong presence in the market as manufacturer of materials. Today, our business environment is diversely changing with the further advancement of globalization and the increase of social uncertainties in Japan and overseas. NOF Group will continue to challenge every change, accelerate our business development not only in Japan but also in overseas, and thus make efforts to transform ourselves to become a global player that does business in harmony with the international society. At the same time, we aim to always be a company trusted by all of our stakeholders. As a corporate citizen, we will sincerely fulfill our corporate responsibilities to society through measures such as legal compliance, as well as preservation of natural environment and security of health and safety. On behalf of NOF Corporation, I sincerely offer my thanks for your understanding, interest and support on our business operation.