Noble Medical Inc.

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Noble Medical, Inc. Noble Medical is a worldwide provider of on-site drugs of abuse testing products and automated drug of abuse screening systems marketed under the trade names Split Specimen Cup®, Insta-Screen, One Step Cup™, Trutest, Multi Clin™ and for private label. The Noble Split Specimen Cup® is an industry leader for on-site drug testing. The patented Split Specimen Cup® delivery system eliminates urine handling and donor tampering, providing a unique and efficient approach for on-site drug testing. During our eighteen history, we have developed a global distribution network with a strong presence in North America, South America,Europe, andAustralia. In addition to our trade name products, we also market products known as: Drug Testing Kits, Split Kits. Split Specimen. Split Cups, Ez Cups, Ez Split Cups, Ez Split Specimen Cups, Cards, Dips, Pipettes, Drug Test Cards, Drug Testing, Drug Testing Dips, Drug Testing Pipettes, Eye Dropper Tests, Eye Dropper Drug Testing, Insta Cards, Instant Drug Tests, Urine Drug Tests, Alcohol Test Kits, Instant Alcohol Testing, Instant Alcohol Test Kits, Breathalyzers, Instant Breathalyzers, Evidential Testers, Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing, Breath Alcohol Testers, Phoenix 6.0, EV30, FC Series, Phoenix Classic, Lifeloc Supplies, Lifeloc Mouth Pieces, PBA Mouth Pieces. Downloads: Results Via Unbiased Interpretation Noble FormFox FFPOCTpdf345.pdf