Nitto Kohki Deutschland GmbH

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Company Profile About us Opening up the future with labor-saving equipment Meeting needs with unique technology and establishing a profit-oriented management system From the beginning, Nitto Kohki has based its operations on the enduring slogan: "Save energy and labor in industry and improve the working environment", and has been committed to producing highly functional,high-quality,reliable products using the group's unique technology. These activities have been guided by the corporate motto, that "Development provides corporate insurance". In 2006,the company will observe a significant milestone:its "50th anniversary". In March 2000,Nitto Kohki succeeded in becoming listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market. In a 21st century business environment that will be highly volatile,the company will try to increase corporate value by promoting comprehensive strategies;"the selection and concentration of enterprises","activities in a global market","establish a profit-oriented management system by consolidating the strengths of 17 group companies both at home and abroad", and "take measures to improve management efficiency throughout the business". At the same time, Nitto Kohki will continue to contribute to society through the group's business activities.